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    Hi! my name is Raymi and i’m working on a psd for a hotel so i use my web developer toolbar to edit my css. So i have a bakcground image that i have to put to my <a> tags in my navigation bar and in the preview they show just fine but when i reload the page to see it in firefox it just doesn’t show i’ve tried eveything please i could use some help

    this is my css:

    .nav a{
    some help will be bery much appreciated

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    Without a link it’s difficult to say.

    You do realise that the web developer toolbar doesn’t actually edit your CSS file? You still have to add those changes to the file itself.

    Otherwise, if I had to guess I would say check the path to your image, relative to your CSS file.

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    Micha, please do not double post.

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    Apostrophe is right…

    Also try adding a space background:url(images/bgMenu.jpg)[space]repeat-x; where I added the word.

    Please dont use caps in your titles especially when you double post, people on the forums are quite capable of finding your posts.

    I deleted your other post, and edited this one.

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    thank you!!! good quick guess too little dots makes all the difference thanks!!! very much :D :oops:

    oh sorry it won’t happend again (the double post thing) :D

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