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    Hi there,

    Newbie to this web design industry and having fun well learning but appear to be very stuck so thought I would try this site.

    Here is the page

    The section “Some of our clients” has 5 logos. I can not seem to be able to figure out how to change the height of these 5 logos without changing the heights of images in other places on the site.

    Any assistance very appreciated



    Codepen sir or we can’t really help. This could be caused by so many things.

    A lot of people get frustrated when we request this. I think it’s because they assume they have to recreate the entire site on codepen. Not really. You just have to recreate one tiny aspect. Many times, by doing this, you’ll solve your own problem because you’re able to break the problem down and figure out the cause of the issue.


    The images are responsive and scale to always fill the space they have.

    They have “max-width: 100%” and height:auto;

    If you still want to change it you can either change these values or adress the classes i listed below

    The first 2 Images have multiple classes “et-waypoint et_pb_image et_pb_animation_left et-animated”

    The last 3 Images have ID “clientpics”. So changing the height value on this should work. But having multiple images with the same ID is bad practice and not valid !


    @Nix, how is a pen going to help in this situation? I’m always baffled when someone supplies a link to the actual page in question and others request a pen.

    Really? Baffled? How is it NOT going to help the situation? Like I said, often times the OP will solve their own problem in trying to recreate the issue on Codepen. 9 times out of 10, the REAL issue is that someone has not isolated the real problem. By breaking it down into smaller parts. Often times, the root cause is identified. No post even needed.

    Look at this problem in particular. Look at how trivial the answer is. Are you going to tell me that by breaking the problem down, the OP wouldn’t have figured this out?


    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I tried changing the height of the image id’s before posting but it did not work. So I did what you said and removed the identical id’s from the images.

    I have also tried adding a class to each image and then changing the height, again no luck.

    I also tried this piece of code before posting on this tread with no luck

    .et_pb_image {
    max-height: 100px;

    So at this point I am still stuck on this problem.

    In fire bug when I add the height to the following it makes the changes however it does not work when added to my style sheet: {
    animation: 1s cubic-bezier(0.77, 0, 0.175, 1) 0s normal none 1 fadeLeft;
    height: 150px;
    opacity: 1;

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again.

    As for the advice about codepen. That really did not help me. Thanks to you other fellows for taking the time to try to help.


    Hey @Ben250, I’m sorry you haven’t gotten it solved… and I’m sorry codepen didn’t work out for you. It can’t and won’t for everything. Especially if PHP and/or a CMS is involved. Most of the time though… it’s a really helpful process to try and replicate the issue on codepen.

    , Sorry if I came off like a dick. I can personally attest to the fact that you are very active and helpful on these forums… and have been for some time.

    Both of you surely understand that we have a lot of people coming through these forums, asking questions they haven’t fully thought out and then the second we ask for any more clarification or additional details… they’re nowhere to be found. Gone forever. Quite frankly, they ruin the experience for everyone.

    Not saying you were going about it that way… but we ask for a codepen for a reason. First of all… makes things easier to tinker with. And you get the added benefit of us spotting SOMETHING ELSE that could be improved. And we can show you how to do that too!

    Again… not trying to be a hard ass… I just want to maintain quality on these forums.

    Try @Atelierbram solution. Might be the answer. :)


    Omg. Really smooth. I spent hours trying to figure this out. To find out it was all because of that.

    Thanks very much!


    Omg. Really smooth. I spent hours trying to figure this out. To find out it was all because of that.

    See what I mean? Sometimes the very act of trying to re-create something will lead you to spot these little errors that can cause MASSIVE frustrations. Even if you don’t build a Codepen… sometimes just re-building a feature locally will help you spot the incongruence.


    Thanks! Got that bookmarked.

    The editor I am using is in wordpress itself, no color coding

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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