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    I have 4 columns in my footer, in my fiddle I just have two.

    My column at right have some list items, and my last list item “See more links”, when I click in it Im changing my first list of items to other list using jQuery slideToggle().

    But using this slideToggle, Im with, when I click in “See more links” my footer goes up a bit and then down again.

    This problem was solved using in my column div (#col), max-height:227px; and min-height:227px; proprierties.

    The problem Im having now is, that I want always margin-bottom of just 10px of my last item “See more links”, but Im having different margins in different browsers and different resolutions.

    Do you know how can I solve this? Im trying to “play” with position absolute or a container with fixed height, but Im not able to have the same result in different browsers and resolutions.

    I have my example here:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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