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    This morning, when checking my emails, I noticed that the account done through my website was failing to authorize. I didn’t think too much of it, but decided to check my site anyway. Strangely enough, my site wasn’t loading the style sheet. I contacted my hosting provider to ask why this might be, and they had a look into it, saying everything was fine on their end.

    Everything is certainly not fine. Currently my URL is being forwarded to this site:

    Some people can still see my site, but it is an old version, and I think this is to do with the use of CloudFlare.

    I can log in via FTP and cPanel, and no files have been changed. And according to my domain name provider, the DNS records have not changed. I have since changed them back to my host directly, instead of CloudFlare.

    I have no idea how this has happened, and would love any insight if you think you might now what is going on.



    My hosting provider decommissioned the server my site was on…


    Solved? Everything works for me.


    @ChristopherBurton Yeah, back to normal now. Quite a few frantic hours of problem solving though.


    @JoshWhite They turned off my server, somehow not realising I was still using it. As to why this caused another, completely different site to show up, I have no idea.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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