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    So I’m looking to dive into the world of Sass. The usage looks easy enough no questions there but the installation, compiling and different options has me a bit confused.

    As an example, I’m looking to launch a new project using the Bones theme for WordPress. There is a bootstrap/bones theme for WordPress but the theme is built with Less. Can I still utilize Sass within that theme: ?

    – or –

    Would it be easier to dump the latest bootstrap/sass build into theme? Also, what is the best option for compiling? Is it Compass or can I use something like PrePos for this application?

    Thanks in advance!



    Thanks for the reply. I actually just found a theme that was built with bones but uses Sass instead of Less:

    I do like the second option, my only question would be, what files are needed from the bootstrap sass download? Would it just be all of the .scss files which would then be imported into the style.scss file for the bones theme? I’m looking into this option as well as I feel it may be cleaner.


    Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. You are correct, Bones will just be using the style.css. It’s actually the stylesheet with a query string version number “style.css?ver=1.0”.

    Typically what I like to do is create a custom.css file, so I’m wondering if I need to import my custom styles into styles.scss so they output to the styles.css file? So I could create a custom.scss and import that into styles.scss which is then complied to styles.css.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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