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    Rook checking in.

    A quick q? re: positioning of a full bg image.

    I was looking at this older tutorial on said topic and when i plugged it all in, I was missing a small portion of the top of my image. Even though I played around w/ my browser window and got it to position eventually, I’m asking this simple question:

    **How do I get the image to render like it was meant to look?** is it an aspect ratio issue?? I’m working on another page (to practice), and I am wondering how do I get this to work this time around (I dumped the last design I was working on, but do want to take it on again).

    Either way, many thanks for your time.


    As in, it was being cut off? That’s intended, you wouldn’t want the image to be squished and stretched to fill the window.


    Thanks Doc.

    Hmmm… I can understand sides and the bottom being cut but I’m still @ a loss as to why the top would.


    The idea there is the image is center center aligned, ie x and y axis. If you’re looking for it to stick to the top of the page, change center center to top center and that should fix the issue youre having.


    Hello, according to me Will Wallace is right, just slide little bit your image center to top.


    Many thanks Will. That looked like the answer. Tried it last night and seemed to have worked. Cheers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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