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    have sort of “poll” question
    what do you picture and how do you see a person when someone says “he is doing front end” and vice versa ;]

    what do you think?

    I know it is good to have a basic understading of all fields
    but I believe that man should specialise into certain area to excel in it
    for me as I see it is like this:

    FRONT END guy knows
    * XHTML
    * CSS
    * JAVASCRIPT (AJAX, jQuery)

    BACK END guy is more like
    * PHP
    * SQL

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    Yeah, that’s about right. Don’t forget htaccess for front-end =)
    Back-end could also include python, ruby, etc.

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    I agree.

    It really depends on the situation though. I’m the sole website guy in my company, so whilst I specialise in design and front-end, I’ve had to learn how to work with backend code too, like PHP.

    Although, when talking to non-web people it’s always best not to use these terms…

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    I asked purely out of curiosity
    I was looking for a job in my country (Europe, Czech Republic) and some companies are obviously searching for types like “all in one hat”

    which seems to me kinda useless because then such person can’t REALLY be good at something in particular

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    there was this AD

    we are looking for person skilled in HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, SQL
    knowledge of JAVA or C++ is preffered

    and it was the same job :]

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    The problem is whilst we know the difference, most employers don’t.

    I’m personally sick of seeing adverts that have this long list of requirements, says you have to be “proficient” in all of them, yet really they need two separate people.

    All you can do is specialize in one area, and be knowledgeable of the other. Then apply anyway, and at your interview perhaps you can then explain it to them.

    A lot of employers need a website, but don’t know what their staff need to know to make it. So they just copy the “requirements” off another job, without realising that they’re actually asking someone to be able to do two different jobs.

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    I am sick of the “you should know all or beat it boy” ;)

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    but I noticed that foreign countries got it right
    bigger companies

    smaller ones here usually save money and pushes people to do more in one salary lets say
    while the big firms are smart enough to know the difference

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    as I see it … very simply put


    at least that is how I would explain it to non IT person not using any terms ;)

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    I think though, that those who literally just design, and don’t code the front end, will need to change their ways. Just designing the site on Photoshop is never going to be enough for so many employers. Why would they employ you over someone who can also code it? So you have to really be a proper front end developer to get anywhere these days, even then it’s difficult because they expect you to do backend stuff too.

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    I love and I am darn good at coding [skilled in CSS, HTML, JS]
    that is what I do best and really like

    I am good at Photoshop, able to prep design to show for client
    capable of adjusting graphics for what I need in webs
    but I have Photoshop as something extra not main area

    then you go to company and HR person tells you stuff like:
    “sry, you are mere ‘HMTL CODER’ we can give you max $1.000 / month”

    sorry but that ain’t much for skilled person

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    Don’t be too worried about wages right now. If you’re young, like me, you just won’t get much these days full stop, what’s important is experience. I’m massively underpaid, probably by about £7000 a year, but I’m just concentrating on the experience that I’m gaining which will warrant the larger salary.

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    well I don’t consider myself the youngest being 26 y.o. :]
    but anyway

    the problem is as I see it I started late
    went through couple of IT companies, IBM is the current one

    only to find out that what I did
    1st as a hobby
    2nd and later as part time job as freelancer for money for companies

    is what I do and know best
    I have £6.852 / year right know … steady salary every freaking month £572 only :/

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    Ah well, I guess its maybe an experience thing, regardless of age, I’m sure you will get there eventually :)

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    when I change company, then for sure :]]

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