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    Hey there! First I would like to say that this is my very first entry in this discussion forum, and of course, that I am a big site of the website!

    So, the problem wich I am struggeling with is that I want a thumbnail for a video to become the actuall video and be ready to play. While researching this matter I have learned that there is many different ways of doing this, but what I did not find is how to.

    Can this be done easily done with some basic “on-click-command” that would replace the video with the thumbnail by simply clicking the thumbnail picture, or is some more advanced Java-script needed here?
    I would be very happy with any help that someone could give me to solve this problem!



    Thank you! Your reply let us find a JQuery “replace-command” of some sort, that we are working with now. Do you think this is something that we can have use for?

    What we want is a long list of video-thumbnails, where each thumbnail pressed down will be replaced by a video. How is this often solved? There are so many websites who uses this so shouldn’t there be rather standard solution to this who someone here on css-trix know about? That would be awesome! :)


    Okey, we have made some great progress now! We did manage to make a div-colorbox be replaced by a video with following the following “code”:

    The problem now is that we cant get multiply boxes under eachother to work, it’s like the codes/variables are competing with eachother.
    This is the logic solution for us but we do not get it to work:

    Sorry for the wall of text btw, but hope someone can help! :) thanks in advance


    and now I know why… “replace” was a name.
    This thread is starting to look like my personal notepaper! :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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