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    The images are 153px wide. When space between images becomes too little, The last image would break into the next row and the re-adjust so that the new last image is at the right edge of the container, and the first image is at the edge of the left one. Exactly like this



    Here’s one to work with…where I threw in a media query too

    The math gets quite complex so I let the calc do the work but you need media queries for breakpoints based on the width of your images.

    However, this gets much easier with SASS & Mixins

    EDIT – Hmmm..just noticed your linked fiddle…looks pretty much like we came up with the same solution.




    Looks like you found your answers then.

    Time to try it out and see if we can help you over the bits you struggle with.



    I was looking for this

    I finally found a solution, implemented it and it was working perfectly. Then i tested it on multiple browsers and thats when it all went to shit. The browser compatibility for calc() isn’t very good. It’s times like these were i think the web is the worst of all software developing fields. Finally a working solution that can’t be used because stupid fucking browsers that should have died years ago are still being used by millions today. Fuck this shit.



    OK then.




    elkroke, have you tried using masonry.js?

    Its normally used for organizing items of differing sizes into a grid, but theres no reason you couldn’t use it in your situation, if everything else has failed. Browser support is very good (ie8+ , all modern browsers)

    edit: I feel like the isFitWidth option in masonry might be what you need…
    An Anonymous Pen via @CodePen

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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