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    Hello and Greetings…..

    I have a question in respect to Floats versus Position Absolute.

    I find myself wanting to use Position Absolute rather then Floats. I find it more convenient to do this in ‘ Headers ‘, this do to allot of material within the ‘ Header Div ‘. I am a bit confused in respect to this. Some say to use Floats, others Position Absolute.

    Can someone clear this up for a newbie such as myself?

    Thank you….


    If the elements are meant to interact with each other, use floats. If an element is independent of the content around it, use absolute positioning.


    not sure I agree @joshuanhibbert. There are many times when you position absolute elements to floating elements that are directly related. (unless i misunderstood what you mean)
    To me there are no rules. Although I tend to use more floats and use absolutes more so in the a header situation for logos and such.


    @Springlab As long as you are aware that absolute positioning removes the element from the document flow then I am sure you will make the correct decision.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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