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    Hello there!

    Im new to this forum so I dont know how to post code here…
    So Im new to flexbox and trying to realise a simple layout, where
    my list of articles begins under my slider, but the second element
    (my list of articles) seems to not be a direct child of my flex
    although in the html its just the slider and the articles each in
    their own div and the whole thing inside my flex-div

    I would post code but didnt find a way to do so…

    The website is:

    Im grateful for any advice

    Thanks, Alex



    A brief code example would be ideal in

    That said a flexbox container probably won’t recognise an absolutely positioned element unless it has position:relative applied to the container.



    Ok, thanks but the slider with absolute positioning can be manipulated as a flexbox element.

    I wrote a codepen minus the php and since Im working with wordpress this doesnt show much:

    Thanks again!



    So your origianal tip with position relative worked; thanks :-)!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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