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    Im a .net developer by trade so doing a complete switch to Apple isnt possible at this time. But i love the web, love web building, and everything web (i do plan on incorporating web development into my career). I dont want to spend an outlandish amount of money on anything right now but buying a new iPad wont kill me.

    Should i purchase an iPad? I figure a shload of people on earth have iPads, and now i can finally test for iPads. But would i be able to code on an iPad (i will buy a friggin keyboard to go with it).


    Should i find a super cheap macbook to test and code on? But i will literally only be using it for website development, testing fonts, styles, sizes, etc..

    I guess in conclusion, should i just get an iPad or spend a few extra bucks on a Mac laptop.

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    better off with a mac laptop, more tools and you can get vmware, parallels, or bootcamp Windows 7 or whatever you are using

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    What about a Mac Mini? An iPad doesn’t seem to be ideal for coding.

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    It seems to me that so far the iPad would be best for conventional browsing, movies, etc. I guess what im needing is an actual mac laptop. I have done some searching for some and ive found some that are super expensive and super cheap. Sometimes when something is super cheap it scares me lol.. But honestly, i just want it to code and test sites… Ive looked on amazon and found a few super cheap, any laptop recommendations?

    @ChristopherBurton, is the Mac Mini just a HDD and Processor that i plug a keyboard and monitor into?

    @andy_unleash, yeah im starting to see that iPad isnt the way to go on this.

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    It’s basically a mini tower.

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    Thank you gentlemen, your points have been very valid and helped me from making a mistake lol.. I think i will honestly be getting a Macbook rather then a iPad or Mac Mini, i can do everything i need to, still portable, i wouldn’t have to purchase a monitor, keyboard, mouse for it either. I’m kind of exited that i can finally use some of these awesome text editors that are Mac Only, but knowing me i will probably only use Sublime.

    Thanks again guys (ill follow up and let yall know how i do).

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    I’m using a 13” 2011 MacBook Air and I love it! The keys are incredibly responsive and the trackpad is also very good. You can find various versions of the Air on Apple’s refurbished page for a couple hundred dollars cheaper:

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