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    Im a .net developer by trade so doing a complete switch to Apple isnt possible at this time. But i love the web, love web building, and everything web (i do plan on incorporating web development into my career). I dont want to spend an outlandish amount of money on anything right now but buying a new iPad wont kill me.

    Should i purchase an iPad? I figure a shload of people on earth have iPads, and now i can finally test for iPads. But would i be able to code on an iPad (i will buy a friggin keyboard to go with it).


    Should i find a super cheap macbook to test and code on? But i will literally only be using it for website development, testing fonts, styles, sizes, etc..

    I guess in conclusion, should i just get an iPad or spend a few extra bucks on a Mac laptop.

    I did find this for the iPad: Diet Coda

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    better off with a mac laptop, more tools and you can get vmware, parallels, or bootcamp Windows 7 or whatever you are using

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    What about a Mac Mini? An iPad doesn’t seem to be ideal for coding.

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    Having quite a few Apple devices (including a couple of iPads) – I’d definitely recommend stretching the budget to at least a MacBook Air.

    The iPad does have a couple of coding programs, Koder & Gusto but neither really offer lots in terms of power or toolsets.

    Your best bet would really be to grab a MacBook or cheap iMac then you can use all the latest stuff like CodeKit, Sublime Text 2, Git Tower etc etc. Plainly, the iPad is simply not equipped to assist with building projects.

    Not that I don’t use the iPad for testing & the odd bit of tinkering if I’m on the move. Koder is handy because it syncs to your Dropbox so you can access a project and adjust a couple of lines of code while on the move, not ideal but handy if something small needs doing.

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    It seems to me that so far the iPad would be best for conventional browsing, movies, etc. I guess what im needing is an actual mac laptop. I have done some searching for some and ive found some that are super expensive and super cheap. Sometimes when something is super cheap it scares me lol.. But honestly, i just want it to code and test sites… Ive looked on amazon and found a few super cheap, any laptop recommendations?

    @ChristopherBurton, is the Mac Mini just a HDD and Processor that i plug a keyboard and monitor into?

    @andy_unleash, yeah im starting to see that iPad isnt the way to go on this.

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    It’s basically a mini tower.

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    Thank you gentlemen, your points have been very valid and helped me from making a mistake lol.. I think i will honestly be getting a Macbook rather then a iPad or Mac Mini, i can do everything i need to, still portable, i wouldn’t have to purchase a monitor, keyboard, mouse for it either. I’m kind of exited that i can finally use some of these awesome text editors that are Mac Only, but knowing me i will probably only use Sublime.

    Thanks again guys (ill follow up and let yall know how i do).

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    I’m using a 13” 2011 MacBook Air and I love it! The keys are incredibly responsive and the trackpad is also very good. You can find various versions of the Air on Apple’s refurbished page for a couple hundred dollars cheaper:

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    I highly recommend buying your mac refurbished:

    Apple maintains the same 1 year warranty on refurbished products and you can still purchase Apple Care if you want.

    What I’d recommend is a 13″ mac book pro, base model (refurbished) and then buy a 128gb Samsung 830 series SSD (they are about $85 right now on Amazon) and put it in yourself.

    I would recommend against the iPad for coding. I tried to go that route with the iPad and Mac Mini and I just finally had to purchase the MBP to do any real serious work. I love the mini though – it’s a freakin workhorse and I definitely recommend it as a desktop machine for anyone looking to get into the mac eco system without breaking the bank.

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    Oh and one more thing – another alternative is buying it from – while you can’t get a refurbished product, you can avoid tax and shipping in most states PLUS they usually bundle Parallels. So a little more value at the end of the day if you don’t want the refurb discount.

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