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    Hey everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone wanted to give me some feedback/thoughts about my company’s website? The address is It’s become my baby (I did all the videos, content, everything), and I’d love any feedback/comments on it.

    I tried to make it minimalistic, I originally had the sidebar on the homepage (with the bullets) the same dark grey as the navigation without the shadow but the boss wanted it more colorful (don’t know if I like it like that though).

    If any of you are into InDesign also you may be interested in looking at the product as well.

    I know that there are communities out there for this, I’ll probably post it there too but I thought I’d see if anyone had anything to say here :)


    I think it looks pretty good!

    The minor nav (register / login / faq) looks a little out of place up there. I’m not sure if it’s the font, the size, color, location… but something feels off.

    The table on the pricing page could use a little bit of a design! Just because it’s a table doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some beautiful CSS lovin’. Here is some inspiration:

    The same goes for the contact form, too.

    I’d say you’ve done a fine job.


    It looks nice!

    A few minor suggestions:
    The list at the bottom of the homepage is mis-aligned on my phone (the numbers are to the sides of the circles), and the circles look slightly pixelated.

    I think it would look nicer if the drop-down menus at the top were aligned better with the items on the menu.

    Perhaps add a table-of-contents for the FAQ? (So I don’t have to scroll all the way down to find the question that I want answered).


    cool cool thanks guys! Most definitely will take care of all the above.


    I really like the design too!

    Here is my two cents:

    Hovering over the links in the top nav and in the panel below may look better with a highlight block of color instead of the default underline… I actually hesitated over the pricing link waiting for a drop down, then wondering if my mouse registered being over the link (actually this might just be the monitor I’m using – it has bad contrast, or maybe I’m just getting old LOL).

    Is there a way to make the video at the top of the main page play there instead of taking me to another page? Even making it popup would be better.

    The bullets on the FAQ page seem to have a little too much space between the bullet and the text. Also some custom bullets might make it more interesting to look at, orange to match the rest of the theme might be nice :)

    Keep up the great work!


    Come on, that CSS3 stuff is mostly made out of vendor prefixes, I don’t know what’s the point of validating CSS if they aren’t recognized.


    Most of the HTML errors are rather minor, except for the <img> messages about contained spaces.

    The funny thing is, I just validated my employers homepage – 235 Validation errors, Whoop!!! (A multi-national company whose tag-line is currently ‘Experience a new world of interaction’.


    Hi sabrinagelbart, I love the design of your site its is very attractive, appealing and informative.

    I am no expert, but I would personally bring the font size down in the navigation and in the footer of the website and maybe the list at the bottom of the page also bringing the orange numbered images down to match the font size as well.

    You and others might disagree and I may be wrong with what I am saying, but this is what I would personally do.



    Yay you guys rule! Thanks for all the advice. In the midst of making tutorials so I’m moving along slowly on the site…the new pricing table is up here:, I added a new footer also….


    P.S. Anyone off the top of their head know if using a font-replacement will make Oswald (web fonts) render better? It looks so much nicer in photoshop…I’ll do tests later if no one knows…


    I tried looking through the comment and didn’t see anyone bringing it up.
    My search bar on the site is blocking part of the nav bar.


    @sabrinagelbart – By chance have you tried using Typekit?

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