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    I’ve just done a redesign for a mock design firm. Basically just trying to learn all this stuff I’m fairly new to everything.

    If anyone has time to take a peek and give some feedback I’d really appreciate it. I have a running list of problems/bugs that I need to work out, please add to it as well as add any of your other comments, thank you so much.

    []( “”)

    Known problems:

    1) It looks like crap in IE.anything

    2) Pictos symbols not loading in some browsers

    3) Navigation doesn’t coast to the right location

    4) Responsive design breaks for 400 width and below

    5) Line break after “appointment” needed


    Ok, I’ll give it a shot. For the record, I use IE 10 running on Windows 8.

    Issues I’ve come across:

    – The alternation between paragraphs and horizontal blocks of images is quite arrhythmic. It sacrifices any sense of vertical flow and achieves nothing but fuzziness along the way. What are you trying to convey?

    – Font. This a poor choice. You went with sans serif but there’s a slight cursive touch that I find mindboggling. It’s distracting and does not befit the feel I imagine you’d be striving for . To compound the problem, you went with huge white drop caps on every sentence. Why? What are you trying to achieve?

    – Colour scheme. I quite like the monochromatic background. I just don’t get why then would you opt for that huge blue suppository at the bottom. The flimsy coloured tags are a misfit as well. It’s a nice idea to have coloured tags contrast against a monochromatic background, but I think you need to do it in a more striking way, otherwise it’s just going to look too precious and decorative.

    Well, my honest two cents, anyway.

    Keep at it!


    Good design overall, but I’d say it’s not really obvious what the “you-name-it” button does. I think yo would be better doing this automatically, but ensure you do it in a way that is not distracting to the user.

    If you do decide to keep the button, an `:active` state would be a nice touch.

    Also, I think the box shadow list items don’t really match the rest of the page.

    But with a couple of small changes you’ll have a really great site!


    @PLNR how can you be a web developer and use IE? That’s like playing basketball with a baseball.



    Because I’m not one. “Web-wannabe”, more like it.


    @PLNR appreciate the honesty … I had not seen it in IE10 just yet, but am going to check it out on a different comp there and take note of what you’ve said. Thank you.

    if you have time, why would you add the :active state to this?

    @Jarolin lol


    Adding an :active state to it and then giving it a top:1px or something would give it a more button-like effect. :)


    I’m not really understanding why the text is all over the place and what the large first letters are about (attempt at drop caps?)


    I added an active class to the button, and it broke the functionality of the script. So, it moves up and down like a button should, but it’s no longer changing the tag. The position: relative seems to be what is breaking it. Suggestions?
    &:active {
    position: relative;
    top: 2px;

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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