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    Hi folks,

    New to the css-tricks forums, but would like some feedback if possible. Good, bad or indifferent!

    The site is, a small amature football team in sydney australia. The site is a little short on content at the mo, but the design and layout is more or less finished.

    Any feedback appreciated.


    Rob MacKay

    Hey Noel!

    Graphically I really like it! If I was going to be picky I would say the shield on the right – although looks great, seems not to fit in… I dunno.

    Anyway, I think the only thing that lets you down a little is the typography really. Personally when I justified it I thought it looked a little better. also maybe, if possible have the date tags on the outside of the post instead of the inside, it seems a little squished in there.

    And maybe you cant change this, but I for some reason I’m not liking the link colours… I think its because the grass is such a natural green, and then the links are quite unnaturally green – which is to be expected I suppose, they ain’t grass! lol

    All in all, a good job dude :)


    Cheers for the kind words and opinions Rob, greatly appreciated.

    I know what your saying about the badge looking out of place a little. I designed it before I had created the layout, and in turn it maybe looks a little conflicting in style to the rest of the design. Its intended to stick out, i wasn’t given many images to play with so i tried to make the club badge a prominent feature of the site.
    The colours for the links come from the badge so in turn this adds up to the links looking out of place.

    An improvement would perhaps be toning down the colours on the badge, or maybe bringing the green of the pitch more like the badge..Not sure, might need to work on that a bit.

    Changed the parts of the pages where the dates were. As you said they were a bit cramped, so increased the padding on the paragraphs to create more space. Left the date inside as this appears throughout the site on other elements. And to be honest i thought id save the hassle and leave it as it is!

    I wouldnt really go with justified text on a web page for usability sake (although white text on a black background isn’t very good either). Left aligned is easier on the eye to read, and some of the pages have longish passages of text, so i might give that a miss.

    Thanks again for the feedback chief


    Great job!

    I don’t feel that the badge is conflicting (unless you changed it since your original post), your badge is your "brand" right? Personally I feel the colors are fine (sampling from the badge is the proper technique, as you did) and the only thing I would change from a design point of view would be to fix the width of the content area with the combined width of the nav and login. Cool info on this here:

    I’m actually building a site for a soccer league here in Georgia . . . glad I got to see yours, for ideas. Thanks.


    I LOOOOOOOOVE your graphics. I am so jealous. I wish I could do things like that. I’m photoshop deficient. :(
    I love the grass. How did you make the "grade" graphics extend past the edge of the content area? Is that some clever padding trickery?
    I would love to see your stylesheet.
    Great Job!!!!!!
    20 million kudos


    cheers for the kind words folks, greatly appreciated.

    kenD, i need to start using grids more definitely thanks for the advice. Hope you get some good ideas from the site. Would be good to see your website when you get it ready.

    crashley1784, thanks alot, im definetely no photoshop expert thats for sure, just doing plenty of tutorials.
    Im using negative margins with some graphics. If you use firefox with the firebug extension you can check out the styling on elements on most if not all websites. Really worth checking out for when your designing and trying to figure out how other sites have been styled.


    I would say change the size of teh badge, it does not have to be that big, it might fit still if it was smaller


    Love some of the your little design touches.

    I would add maybe a forum from phpforum and change the body font to something more used.

    As the font for some reason make me think sci fi fansite. lol


    Wow for an amateur football club that is a great site! I love the overall design and I think it looks really professional!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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