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    Just tell me what your honest opinion is of the design and some improvements.

    Rob MacKay

    ooww typography site :)

    Ok so what I tweaked was…

    #header ul {

    h2 {
    line-height:1.3em; /* was a little too squished for a headline in my opinion */
    text-indent:-24px /* keeps the quotes outside, makes the text line up – kinda makes a feature of the quotation mark */
    letter-spacing:-1px; /* I just though it was a little too squished together */

    #main-content p {
    line-height:1.3em; /* give a good bit of space for easy reading, especially in a block of text */
    font-size:1em; /* bold looking body text, because of its size, especially Serifs, doesn’t look too good to me */

    But other than that its cool :) Like the idea and the structure is held together nicely :) I think the only thing I worried about was body text visibility… but meh – you might not agree with my changes anyway :D


    I like it, though I definitely agree with Rob’s adjustments.

    I don’t think I can give a full opinion on it as it’s still very much a work in progress. Sometimes I think people underestimate the power of dummy content. What will it look like with images, links, ols, uls, blockquotes, etc etc. Let’s throw the kitchen sink onto the page and then we’ll start talking!

    Having said that, some initial thoughts:

    1. The block of text at the bottom is too wide. I’d recommend having a sidebar on the right to shrink it down. Sidebar can include anything you want, but I’d recommend it for sure.

    2. Throw a picture into that featured work area. Doesn’t have to be yours, just grab an image from if you want to. It will help you visualize the flow of the page.

    3. I’m not 100% on the font color choices. The main <p> text might be a little too light for that grey background.

    All in all it’s a good start, let us know when you have some more content in there and I’ll give you a better review!


    I like the overall design, but I think you need one thing – more colour!!! The top of the page looks nice, but by the time I’m at the bottom, it’s a bit, dare I say it? Well… dull. Just add a splash to liven things up a little.

    Only other thing I can suggest is that you make the main content box more narrow, this to increase compatibility across multiple platforms i.e. resolutions.

    Again, I like the design.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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