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    I am going to try and articulate this the best I can. I am currently building a teaching website, which has an assortment of pages. Now I am undergoing the structure of the main teaching part. This is where I need some help. I want to make it easy for me to post my teachings like a blog post, and as well as archive them. To make it easy for me to get them up quickly and make the website constantly relevant and also make it easy for the viewer to retrieve and read the posts I make. I want this page to be much like a blog but keeping the design the same as the rest of the website. I don’t know how to go about this with just css/html but I am sure that I can download templates or something? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!



    You’ll want to use a Content Management System (CMS) for stuff like that.

    A lot of people begin at WordPress, you can install it on most servers without an issue.

    Now, you can have static pages as well as a blog built right into WordPress, so you can build up an entire site.


    I have most of my website allready built, can I still use wordpress? Basically just build a seperate page using wordpress link it from home page menu and use the same css structure I used for the rest of the site, but incorporating wordpress’ functionality for blog/archiving?


    You certainly can, or many will simply only install WordPress inside /blog/ or the like.

    You can very easily copy your CSS into whatever theme you wish, however what you might want to do is find a WordPress theme that you can easily install that also has a normal “html” theme so they go together.

    IMO, of course this is a rather ignorant opinion in this case since I don’t know what’s on your website, you could easily transfer the content on the pages you’ve built into WordPress without too much hassle. And who knows, a theme you find for WordPress might be superior to what you’ve already got.


    You can have your static website as is, and install WordPress in sub folder ex. /blog. This way only that portion of the web site is managed by the CMS. Then you just create a theme based on your design.

    WordPress out of the box provides archiving and ways of which your students/visitors can subscribe (RSS, Newsletter) to your updates (blog posts).

    If design/functionality is not too complex I can definitely get you started with a starter template you could built upon.

    Are you familiar with PHP?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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