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    A while back Chris posted a question asking readers what was their javascript Ah-ha! moment. The thread is now closed.

    The first comment on the post was from a reader who said his moment was when he realized that “everything was an object”. A long series of readers posted agreement with this, which is, to me, more of a zen koan than a revelation.

    Would someone be willing to explain how in javascript “everything is an object”?


    Well I can’t say that was a very helpful article for someone starting to get familiar with jquery and wanting to crack the nut that is javascript. Because if I could have understood Todd Motto, I wouldn’t have needed to ask the question.

    At this point (a year later), I’ve been studying javascript, building stuff, and it is all a lot clearer, although I’m no expert. If else wants to know why “everything is an object”, I’d recommend Cody Lindley’s book Javascript Enlightenment. This is a short book, but well written for beginning to intermediate programmers.

    Alex Zaworski

    Man can I just say I am actually blown away that you took the time to post that a year later. Props.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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