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    hey everyone. I thought I’d see if I can get people’s opinions on using the "em" unit for page layout, image sizing, etc…

    I started reading about using ems to set font-size, and then got into some articles about using it to size and position everything on a page. This allows easy resizing on PDAs, for the visually impaired, etc.

    Here’s an article:

    I guess I can see it all depending on what site your building and what audience you’re focusing on. But there is a large group of people starting to use Blackberries and iPhones to browse sites online, and this would theoretically allow a site to look exactly the same on a PDA as it does on a full screen browser…

    So, what do you think?


    I think stuff like this comes down to personal opinion unless theres a very specific effect you’re looking for. I personally dont like using ems bc i just dont trust them. I like knowing my px will be the size of the px i say.

    for fonts i do use em’s


    Personally I prefer using em’s on font-sizes, paddings and margins only. The combination of fixed/fluid is easy to control and gives users room enough to resize the font-size. Still, for Iphones and mobile devices, I’d like to just design plain sites. Easy, without heavy colour-mixtures, and easy to navigate. I’ve done some surfing on my old cellphone, and I got to say alot of sites you should be able to use on a cellphone’s browser, doesn’t work at all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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