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    I’m updating this site. The thing I’m trying to decide is what to do about a picture. It seems a bit odd to have a picture for every oil (usually the focal point of most ecommerce sites) when they all look basicly the same. There are some other products that are different but not too many. Any ideas?


    If all the bottles look the same then there would seem to be little point in showing them at all.

    Rather than just have a plain description and a link…how about a plain description, a little more information and then a link?

    Eric Gregoire

    I noticed that it looks like all the bottle labels are different in the photos. Why not create a zoomed region over the variety text on each so it can be read in the thumbnails? I always like to see an image of what to expect at my door when I shop online so I feel that just getting rid of the image would turn a lot of people off. There’s a lot of information carried by the image in this case such as the shape of the container, the container material, and a rough guess on the size that some people may find important.

    Not to make assumptions either, but I’d guess the audience of this site may particularly value seeing exactly what they’re getting before ordering.


    I think your right Eric I think they need a picture. I think I might end up making it the same picture for each oil because taking a picture of each one is a little painstakingly pointless and not really possible because they are drop shipped. The pictures on the official website are horrible in my opinion. So I’m not sure exactly what to do. Do you think a nice stock photo would be ok?


    thanks janet4now. That’s an awesome reference. I do really like the idea of ingredients getting the spotlight. I think I might just do that.


    ya, I’m late answering but seems the site isn’t updated yet so… I like janet4now’s idea but you should recommend your client to maybe update their label too.
    A local soap producer has the same label for all their product, a template that is just text. It doesn’t sell itself. Looking closely at the label, the oval in the center seem to all say Pure Essential Oil then the type (ex Cinnamon) if Cinnamon was 3 times the size then it would be clear. I randomly checked 5-6 bottles, they all seem to be Pure Essential Oil maybe that could be under the oval?
    Hmm, after more snooping, like this one;

    On another page, you have 5 Almond items… might be nice if they could be categorized somehow.

    1/2 oz
    2 oz
    4 oz
    6 oz
    10 oz

    good luck


    Thanks for the reply. I’m currently working on another project right now so it hasn’t been updated.

    I like those ideas! The problem withthe the label is she is only a distributor of of the product so she is at the mercy of their ugly labels.


    Hi MrBrightside, I like noticed that it looks like all the bottle labels are different in the photos and I like the idea of having the photography focus on the ingredients,rather than just the same old bottle. You have any ideas?


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