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    Hey all. I’m trying to use the basic dynamic page replacement guides provided here: with a cool circular discography provided here: . My goal is to maintain the theme of the circular discography design throughout an entire website. Where every page but the “music” page will open to content other than music and be navigational by a menu instead of just next/prev. Problem I keep running into I’m sure is due to my overall inexperience but especially jquery/js inexperience. When testing my page, the cd image appears at first load, but any other page navigated to, just gives me the loading image result. Please help!!!


    post a link ot the site or a jsfiddle so someone can not only look at your code but correct it as well if they find the error.


    Thanks for the reply. I put it up on my site for review. I tried the jsfiddle but after the 3rd page of js entered it keeps freezing the page on me. :/ I can also email my whole website folder or provide a temp password for anyone who’s willing to help.

    So just to recap what I want to do:

    Notice on home page the are no scroll next/prev buttons? You can only click on the beach chill out banner over the disc and it opens. Thats how I want all the pages except the “music” and “mixes” pages to look.

    The “music” page would use the scrollers to advance to different albums to play/review.
    All this with a floating menu that allows people to navigate anywhere in the site they want to (I plan on having a total of 6 nav menu buttons: home; bio; mixes; music; schedule; book now)

    Thanks again in advance for any help!!!


    Sorry, a better link:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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