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    I am very new to CSS and have a very limited knowledge base.

    I have been using videos and tutorials on this site as well as others to try and self teach myself some CSS.

    I am currently trying to design a site in which all the users of the site, other than me, use Internet Explorer.

    I have a set of links that I would like to place on the homepage, however I don’t want it to be too crowded. My first thought was a drop down menu to take away the clutter. I set it up and it works perfectly in Firefox. However I was informed that IE doesn’t recognize the css code for it.

    I have looked around for info on this and how to get around this so it does work with IE. The main thing I keep coming across is the Suckerfish website. I looked at it and read it a bit however I really don’t understand where the code goes and what to do with it. Like I said I am very new to this. Essentially about three days of working with CSS is all I have under my belt.

    Is anybody willing to explain to me what code I should use and where it goes? What code I put in the index.html file and what code I put in the style.css file?

    I appreciate any and all of the help. I will figure out how to design and position it myself. I just want it to work. Sorry if this is a very "noobish" question. Thanks for your time.



    how does you menu code looks like now? The one that works in firefox?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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