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Dreamweaver vs notepad++

  • # December 15, 2008 at 1:56 am

    I have a Dreamweaver CS3 then do i need any other css html editor ? i read on many sites about notepad++.thisis very good, very fast, fetaure rich.

    I use Dreamweaver CS3 for :

      code highlighting[/list:u]
      code suggestion[/list:u]
      code completion[/list:u]
      writing css in code view[/list:u]
      writing html in code view[/list:u]
      Php (just for includes, dates function)[/list:u]
      Site management feature[/list:u]

    WordPress extension[/list:u]

    I never use Dreamweaver’s

      FTP feature[/list:u]
      Wysiwyg feature[/list:u]
      css style panel[/list:u]

      Dose it make sense to use any other web development tool

    with or without dreamweaver?

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