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    I’m bad at math and I’m not sure that I become good programmer.


    We first need to define what a programmer is. Because it can mean a lot of different things. I’ll go so far as to say that some programmers don’t consider web development to be programming.

    In my opinion, learn math independant of whether you want to be a great programmer or not. You don’t have to be an expert. But be willing to explore different theories and subjects you come across. Thing about math is that it’s not about memorisation, “we talking about practice man”.


    Well.. what’s math exactly? Here in school we used to have a ‘Math A’ and a ‘B’ variation. I guess you could compare them as how front-end webdesign (HTML, CSS and basic programming) relates to ‘real’ programming (more theoretical and mathier).

    I think that if one really understands the A-side, B should be within reach as well. But it might take longer because learning something you like is a lot easier than ‘having to’ get to know it… often confused with how good you’re at it in the first place. But it’s probably one of those things you could surprise yourself at when making an effort (then you might actually start to like it, inclining the learning curve quickly).

    From what I’ve seen, programming JavaScript for example doesn’t involve too much ‘pure’ math by the way (it does have a high level of logic)…


    Hi sergeivisotsky, I was never good at or even still good at maths. I flunked GCSE maths in High School and avoided doing it at all.

    I am now graduating with an honours degree in Software Engineering and have landed a job as a Junior Web Design/Developer.

    Short answer is im crap at maths but can program in C++, PHP, C# etc and can write HTML, CSS JQUERY etc :)

    I hope this helps you answer your question.


    Knowing basic algebra helps, but no. I would definitely say no. I have never done well in math classes in school but I’ve been a skilled, self-taught code-junkie since I was a kid. I think it’s ridiculous that public education systems seem to think and therefore require high level math courses for web design, development and programming degrees. Beyond the simple levels of basic elementary-school algebra – so as to have a better grasp and understanding of functions and the sort – I would say, entirely unnecessary. There is a large difference between studying math and applying math, I think; I like to consider code a creative means to Logic, which is too a passion of mine; and mathematical application is far more flexible, innovative and invigorating than being put in a stuffy atmosphere to be timed at performing redundant formulas that are, for the most part, just theory. No.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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