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    1. Does flexible site show our expertize and is that good to make full stretchable or 1024 is enough ?

    2. if i know both flexible or fixed-width than is it good to make every site stretchable ?

    3. i like this idea
    > Shrinks to 780px
    > Grows to 1260px
    is that good to grow to 1260px or 960 is enough. ?

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    It says…

    This accomodates 90%+ of all internet users. You could easily make this layout grow larger, but be mindful of how line-length affects readability. Nobody wants to read a line of text 1980px long.

    …but even 1260px is way too long in my opinion.

    I am a fan of a fixed width. It puts everything in your control. I used to make some sites with fluid width, but it was always just too much a pain in the ass.

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    I think that creating of semi-flexible layouts is perfect. I mean sites that are stretching among 1024-1280 screen-resolutions.
    Definitely, flexible layouts are much more demanding, so I think they show some class of HTML-coder. I agree with TheDoc that you have much more control while working with fixed sites, but that is true only from developer’s point of view. When we talk about users, I think, it would be more suitable for them to deal with sites that use higher screen-resolutions area wisely, giving them comfortable line-width of texts and margins.

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    I found a good solution for me.

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