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    And what plugin has been used? Paid plugins are also fine.

    []( “”)

    When a cloth type is selected, a preview on the mannequin torso can be seen.

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    Just different elements containing different images, once a color is switched the JS switches the image (along with showing and hiding the main fabric hover state)

    Check out, and check out line 194 (in chrome’s inspect element) or search for this

    function fabricClick(fid, price, name, tailorsprice, description) {

    . Hope this helps, if you need a more in-depth explaination let us know.

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    >Also, to confirm , this is not possible if the client just provides the thumbnails of the fabric strips (without its fit on the mannequin), correct?


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    I knew the same like you have discussed:

    []( “”)

    I don’t know in detail all about this :| It exactly shows the same as you have mentioned or described.

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