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Does anybody know of a recommendations plugin for wordpress?

  • # January 14, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Hi, I am wanting to be able to add personalized recommendations for other posts on my wordpress site.

    For example I run a fast growing site called Trick Tips. Trick tips is a site that I am making and compiling the best tutorials to learn specific extreme sports. So say I film a tutorial on how to do a Rodeo on a Snowboard then I would like to be able to recommend on the top of the tutorial to be able to do a backflip first and link to the backflip tutorial.

    This would have to be done manually(I can’t think of a good way of doing it automatically) so I would like to implement this feature before I start adding too much of my content.

    Can anybody think of a plugin for WordPress that would be able to do this?

    If not then I shall start building one tomorrow and stick it up in the WordPress Directory, but I thought I should check before embarking on the project(I have searched BTW)


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