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    Thanks for your response, actually I have thought of creating a newtwork but my hosting company advised me not to, as it would be more of a challange to do things for me through ftp and for them in some sense. So I decided not to , even though it would be nice. I really dont mind typing in a password everytime for each site. And ok, I wont use a tempalte. So I guess my only option is two sites then ?

    And about the plugins from codecanyon ( which I love) I have not found a good plugin gallery for videos. I found one called tube gallery but its in conflict I assume with my premium theme that I got from themeforest. The reason I said I assume is because the plugin author tells me its the theme and the theme author tells me its the plugin. It just goes back and forth and its been like 100 emails lol. The reason there is a conflict is because even though the plugin works, on firefox I noticed the plugin creates a greyed out hoirzontal scroll bar. I have no idea how to get rid of it but know its 100% the plugin because when I deactivate it , its gone. And thats the theme authors argument. So I am at a loss. the website I am creating ( and the page that you can see the plugin error ) is : (“ “)

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    Wait, can you expand on that comment about your hosting company recommending you not use FTP? Is it something like a friend that has a server that hes letting you use or is this a company you are paying for space on?

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    No my hosting company that I pay for told me ( as I chatted with a rep through there online chat) that they don’t recommend I connect all of my wordpress sites into One blog because it is harder for me to ( if I remember correctly them telling me ) update or make changes or something like that as its easier for me to mess up another site and harder for them to make a change if I ever ask them to make one. Something like that, but like I said I don’t really mind not having them connected

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    I think it sounds to me like at the end of the day you’re deciding whether or not you’re really going to learn WordPress. If you want to roll up your sleeves and spend the time learn how to build this as one site, it’s both very possible without being messy. But if you don’t want to go down that road, you’re left with using templates and 2 separate sites.

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    Doing it that way would be very expensive and harder to manage, since you would be purchasing multiple domains.

    What you could do is make subdomains, such as, those are free and you can have as many as you’d like.

    although I still don’t know what’s wrong with

    You may be over complicating the matter, but it’s up to you.

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    There’s nothing necessarily wrong with having two sites as you have them set up now. The only downside I see is with SEO. However it could also be a good thing, you’re essentially link-building.

    If you want, WordPress templates offer a way to have both by using custom post types, then just designing each template to correspond with the layout you want. Both can live under one domain.

    @chrisburton, I would not recommend conditionally loading CSS (in this use case). We would still be dealing with same html structure. Which might be totally different from the way we would want to present videos. So it’s much better if we split the responsibility to each template. Saves you lots of headache as well if you need to make changes. You just load the appropriate template and go nuts.

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