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    When we create font-face kit (from we are served with 4 or 5 different font formats viz eot, woff, ttf, svg and otf (sometimes.)

    Over a period of time, i’ve learned on, that browser support for .woff has increased a lot. And an analysis shows that just 2 font-formats can fulfill all your various browser needs:
    .eot – IE 7, 8 (Also supported on IE 9-10)
    .woff – IE 9, 10, Chrome, Firefox, safari(5, 6) & Opera.

    All the above browsers (Most of them are now auto-updated) fall in significant browser usage. (Hovering your mouse over browser version on above link shows it’s usage %)

    My question: Is it safe now to exclude .ttf & .svg font-formats, considering they will be an overload given that ttf & svg have bigger file sizes than woff.

    Has anybody used just above 2 formats(eot & woff) in their websites without any problem?

    Thanks! :)

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    I guess it would be OK if you don’t care about Android. Otherwise you need .ttf/.otf

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