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    Hi all

    I’m having a discussion at work, we need to support IE 7 and 8 and I’m looking for an approach to give a better experience to users of modern software without dropping support for ‘the elderly,’ and mobile first seems to me the way to go.

    BUT! If you develop mobile first, since IE8 and lower don’t support media queries, you serve them the mobile layout. Smashing Magazine does this and I wish I could do so too; but I can’t…

    Also I’d like the amount of work to support old browsers to resemble the percentage of users that use them: not doing 30% extra work for old IE support if only 5% of the visitors uses those.

    One way to fix this is to put all the responsive styles in separate .scss (sass) files and import them in the appropriate media queries in the main css file—like [320 and up by Andy Clark]( does—**and import those ‘responsive sass files’ in an IE specific stylesheet, too.**

    This approacht works perfectly…
    Wait for it…

    Someone told me that old IE’s can’t read those media queries, but still process the styles written in them, and that this is bad because old IE’s run on old PC’s and making the site heavier for them (first processing the styles in de media queries—but not applying them—and then processing them again in the IE stylesheet).

    Does anyone now if this is correct, or where/how I can find out if it is?


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