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    I would really wanna be able to show the 2 latest comments on each post on the index page, is this possible in wordpress?

    Also if the above "feature" is possible to get working, would it also be possible to allow people to comment on a post right from the index page without taking a trip to the single.php file?


    Greetings JesperA.

    First off, given your open-ended question, I can offer a "yes" response.
    There are plenty of plug-ins that will allow for comment display in your sidebar.

    Most of them, even the built-in widget "Recent Comments", by default will show only the most recent.
    Granted, your question regarded 2-most-recent for EVERY post. My initial shock/thought was– if you have/generate/write any quantity of posts, that "list" of 2-most-recent-comments-for-every-post will generate a very long list in the sidebar.

    Is this what your really want to do?

    If so, or even if "well, maybe not, but what I’d like to do is…", then why not follow this link that will take you to a search specific query at wordpress for "most recent comments".

    I think you may find something there you may like. Let me know if this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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