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    Here is the basic design idea. The header is 645 x 150. How should I approach getting this design to work.

    Any idea or suggestions would be great.


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    If you care, I found a solution over at Web Design Wall.



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    Chris has a simpler one I don’t know if you came accross it

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    Hey Jonz,

    Thanks for the link. I did not see that tutorial. I like the simplicity of Chris’s menu but the tutorial on Web Design Wall deals with positioning of the button which is crucial for my design to work.

    Overall, two very cool tuts

    Thanks for the reply


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    why not nest divs???

    start with your main container
    then add (as many as you like extra containers) containers for certain parts of the nav bar.

    I would experiment but quickly I thought of:
    main container for your black part
    adding a div for the main logo
    then adding a div for your nav bar itself.


    div class=”nav3″>link3


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