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    I’m having problems combining .delay with .addClass using jQuery. My goal is to have a slight delay before the class is added, but my approach doesn’t seem to solve the issue. The class is added immediately even when I specify a delay. If anyone could suggest a solution for this, or explain to me what I’m doing incorrect…I’d be ever so thankful.

    Here is a code sample:

    $(“.button”).toggle(function() {
    $(“div”).stop().animate({top:’0′}, 600);
    }, function() {
    $(“div”).stop().animate({top:’-100%’}, 600);

    ALSO…I’ve added the **.stop()** before the animation attempting to prevent the next animation from firing until the current is complete. For whatever reason _(mostly my lack of knowledge on the subject)_ this fails to work. Am I writing it properly?

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