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    I’m trying to write something for a client of mine which can calculate the cost of a taxi fare by the directions. I want to integrate it with the Google Maps Directions API
    : can anyone tell me where I could get started on this project as I’ve never really tackled anything like this yet.
    Any advice is very appreciated, thank you.


    Taxi services calculate by `distance` and `time` (including waiting at stop lights). Is your client aware that this will be a very rough estimate?


    We developed a web app using Google maps and the javascript API’s for a muncipal transit system. I found the [youtube channel]( “Google Developers?Maps”) very helpful. I also was able to find the Google maps development team blog (after a lot of digging) , the blog was really helpful. Sorry no link, but a web search or two and you could probably find it.

    I would also recommend looking at the transit layer API and possibly integrating this whenever possible we found it to be a little faster. I will say that all of this was done before the recent JavaScript maps API update, so who knows now.


    @chrisburton, @aaron_b & @FragaGeddon Thank you for your replies, they want something that shows them which roads they’ll have to travel down, they don’t do charges for waiting, they just set a route cost so it’s purely done on distance; however they want to know which type of roads the client will need to travel down so that the user can see an exact cost.
    Aaron, thank you, the youtube channel is proving to be rather useful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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