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    Hello guys!
    I’ve just tried to register to some/any firefox forum,for 1 hour, but seems an overwhelming task, so I gave up!

    Anyway, I’ve tried to debug my css code, using firefox/Tools/Web Developer/Web Console, then the ‘CSS’ tab.
    I have some errors regarding ‘background’ like this:
    “Error in parsing value for ‘background’. Declaration dropped.” .
    I guess that the last number, “2513” is an adress or a bytes count till that error.

    In my code I have lots of ‘background’ styling, so I need to reach exactly to that adress/bytes count indicated by statement,in order to fix the wrong code. How can I do that?

    I’m quite new to web developement, so if it is there an easier way to debbug css/html let me know, please!
    Thank you very much, have a grate day!


    Are you trying to resolve an image from to absolute path?

    Try using a relative path background:url(../../path/to/img.png) 0 0 no-repeat; (or whatever depth)

    Or try formatting the absolute path like this background:url(/path/to/img.png) 0 0 no-repeat; (this is resolved from the root, thanks to that / at the front – you don’t need to specify domain)

    To offer any further help, we’d need to see the full declaration for that line of CSS.


    My guess is that 2513 is either a line number or a character number in line 1 (when the CSS is compiled to just 1 line perhaps). Can’t you just click at the end part of the message? That should lead you to the place where the error is.


    Thanks Beverlyh, but I don’t use any image file in my code. But I use lots of gradient colored backgrounds, but still I’m note sure the problem is within them.

    Thanks JeroenR, I’ve clicked to the end of message but a big window opens and can’t trace exactly the error.

    Still my statements are of maximum 200 characters, and for sure I don’t have 2500 lines
    of code.

    Other alternatives for firefox?


    It’s really hard to help without seeing the code but I’m guessing this is on a local machine judging from the IP but an IP address shouldn’t be in your CSS.


    Def an IP address:port definition. How was this image pathed to?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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