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    I recently dove in knee deep into the world of custom fields after watching #65: Advanced Uses for Custom Fields in WordPress. I got exited by it’s potential and then discovered flutter through a comment, and then through more research found out about pods.
    (which i guess uses databases rather than custom fields.)

    My question is which do you think will be here to stay and will eventually be further developed and supported, and eventually crowned the standard for taking wordpress into the next phases of becoming a true cms platform?

    I’m trying out both and the custom fields thing doesn’t seem as user friendly especially when it comes to handing sites over to clients which i’m sure is the ultimate goal right?


    I confess pods is a new one to me. It certainly bears further investigation.

    As to if it’s here to stay, well that really depends on whether the "community" gets behind it or it develops its own community. So I suppose that really depends on the likes of you and me, only time will tell.


    For what I’ve seen, pods CMS definitely is the way to go for this.
    I’m a newbie to both methods, just been finding out about the uses of custom fields in WP, Chris did a great job on that!, as always :ugeek:
    I would love to see a screencast on this by Chris. I’m sure he would love it and use it in very creative ways. I’ve seen every screencast I’ve seen on the subject. I didn’t find any for podsUI which makes creating custom wordpress sidebar menus to manage different content very easy. And there’s also a little bit of depth missing on Roles and Helpers.

    Here’s the start of a 5 video series on it – … re=related
    And here’s Matt’s own intro –

    Both User’s guides
    pods –
    podsUI –

    By the way, seems they’re planning to merge them soon.

    Please Chris, if you see this, take a deep look into pods with us, I’m sure it will help you a lot also.
    I’ll keep posting here my findings and progresses on it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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