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    I believe since the update, because I use custom CSS, my squarespace website won’t let me edit my old blocks (made before they updated). Some parts I can update and other I cannot, seems random. I have included our CSS incase anyone can catch the error. Thanks!

    [MOD EDIT – Significant Codedump Removed]


    Please don’t dump code like that, it takes up way to much space, is often useless without the accompanying HTML and, in your case, does not seem to be related to the problem.

    If you’re having issues with the functionality of Squarespace, your should direct your issue to their support team first.

    Other than that, you haven’t said what changes you want to make and, that being the case, we’d still need a link to the live site to assist.


    Paulie_D :

    Sorry about that. New user. On the last few forums I was asked to display the css, so I thought that I would skip a step! I should have read the rules first. Mistake noted.

    Squarespace support had already told us they could not help because it seemed the problem was originating from the custom css. I should have said as much.

    We had a developer look over the site and code and seems like there was a typo and he said this:

    1) Setting “display: none;” for the “::after” pseudo element is what’s breaking the editor specifically. I’ve commented it out and added “height: 0;”, which makes the page look the same in Chrome, but probably results in slightly more whitespace in some browsers

    The link should be below:

    Thanks for your comments!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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