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    Hi, I am having a trouble learning CSS.

    I can make a simple page, with simple html and css, but when ever I try to copy some real web page I feel lost…
    Maybe those pages are too complicated, but I cant seem to find simple easy to copy one…

    Mostly I do understand css, and can read it, copy and understand (positioning, floats are some thing i need to practice to realy understand) but html seems really complicated… and if I would do only by myself I would never do it the way it is when I inspect the code….

    so I feel stuck… Like Ive learnd all I need, but I cant put it in the right place… like I know all the letters… but cant make a full sentence…. its kind of frustrating, and I dont want to waste my days just inspectng code… I want to build something for real… :/

    any advice pls?


    So…build something…anything….start simple.

    Get feedback (we have a Design Den)….and iterate and improve.

    If you want to achieve a specific look…try it…and if you can’t get it to work, build a demo in and ask us for help in CSS Combat.

    As for positioning…don’t start there would be my advice…it’s useful in certain situation where nothing else will do but there are many different layout methods.

    Mix and match those.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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