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    Hey there, I was trying to find the article regarding saucelabs and their app, and in the archives (on the 2nd page at the moment) is the article… but you can’t seem to actually get to the article…

    The heading anchor links you directly to saucelabs itunes page… how do you bring up the article from the archive?

    This seems to be a problem in the archive for ANY article with an arrow next to it…
    > –> Sauce Mac App


    Anything with an arrow beside means it isn’t actually an article. It’s from the ‘Hot Links’ section on the home page.


    But when you look at the archive item.. you can see the article text preview. I remember actually reading the article.. it’s not just a link… how can i get to the article?

    Just to prove i’m not a crack-pot, the text you can see is…
    “I quite like Browserstack, but Sauce has some pretty compelling features as well, like video recording of your testing sessions. Now Sauce has a native Mac app, which means you can do your old browser / cross platform / …”


    There’s usually a short description of the link, but it isn’t a long article. Check out the links on the homepage now!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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