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    okay so I’m working on a project and I use a lot of online generators for backgrounds and anything else that I need. I look up different textures and gradient background, and I’m just assuming that gradient is a different type of texture which I’m sure of. other than gradient what other words are there or terms to describe different types of backgrounds that can be generated online. others must exist I don’t want to be stuck using one type of texture which is gradient. hi Google different types of background generators and I get pretty good results but I want to know what other words there are other than the word gradient to describe a background.. here are two different types of backgrounds on talking about one was just posted online and the other one was generated by an algorithm online. I’m not sure what the what describes the first one but the second one is described as gradient


    Not sure what you are asking. They are both gradients.

    Really, there are more appropriate reference sources for this type of question.

    I can only suggest that you start from the beginning somewhere rather than cut and paste code you do not understand.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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