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    Hey all, having a small CSS issue I can’t figure out. I’m redesigning a website I made last year for my daughter’s school cheerleading squads.

    I have a php page that queries a database, and counts the number of images in each cheerleader gallery (varsity, jv, and freshman), for each school year since I’ve had the site up. It then builds a div for the school year, then another div for each squad. I’ve built custom background images for each one, and have them in my CSS stylesheet for the gallery page. I have the CSS rules set up to switch background position when hovering over the link in the individual gallery divs. Works great in Firefox. Has a wierd offset in IE7 (and probably 6) though.

    The page can be seen at

    If anyone sees anything obvious, I’d appreciate a little guidance on how to correct this issue :)



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    Nevermind, I found an answer through reading some of the other posts in this forum.

    I was using a margin-top: 146px; to position my h3 tag in the div. I took that off, added a position:relative, and a top:146px; to the css.

    Thanks to Robskiwarrior for providing that detail to several others, that helped a lot!

    – Bryan

    # January 21, 2009 at 10:44 am

    ahh Awesome :) Glad I could be of help lol

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