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    Hi everyone! im just a project manager ditched by her designer.
    Therefore i’ve learned quite a bit doing things by myself on my site.
    I’ve come to love CSS and want to become a *self-taught ninja designer* now.

    Does any of you have suggestions on where whould i start? podcast, websites, specific tutorials that could give me a really good base on it?

    Anything would be much appreaciated!


    Click on videos at the top, and go to post number one and work your way towards present day…. well, at least thats one way to do it.


    This is a new css site which seems pretty cool.

    Edit: Also check out html dog


    Chekout step by step learning at:
    Once u done wit it go for CSS on w3schools.



    Do not use the w3schools tutorials, they are wholly inaccurate. (W3Fools)

    However the W3Fools site does have some links as to what can be used instead, including this Introduction to Web Standards from Opera


    thanks guys!


    I definitely agree with looking through the w3fools links, but you can also use them in conjunction with w3schools so you don’t pick up any of the errors from w3schools. That being said, once you learn from there, All the videos over here did help me tremendously as well as the articles. After that it just comes down to building sites and troubleshooting to figure out how attributes work with each other and little tips and tricks here and there. The best way I found to pick those up faster (other than building a ton of sites) was to browse these forums and try problem solving other’s problems as well as reading the solutions that are provided to them and asking questions!


    I would go with a book first, to get the fundamentals. They even have the files for you to develop them. Online tutorials in my opinion, are great once you have the fundamentals going… but I talk from my personal experience. Best of luck, CSS IS GREAT.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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