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    Hi all,

    First time post, so firstly I want to say hi to everyone.

    Got a funny problem (btw I am fairly new to CSS but I’m getting there) with positioning in FireFox.

    My site – – when first loaded in firefox does not position a panel properly.
    I have a panel at the top, a left panel and a right panel underneath that. I use float: left for the left panel and
    float: right for the right panel. When first loaded in firefox, the right panel does not line up at the top but
    rather underneath and to the right of the left panel. Refresh the page and all works fine. This does not happen in IE.

    This is driving me crazy, so please, please help me before I pull out what’s left of my hair.

    Direct link to the CSS


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    Welcome :D

    I think congratulations are in order, that is, without a doubt, the most errors I have ever seen on one page, 1250 of them!

    Sorry, but your markup is full of unclosed and mismatched tags. It’s a minor miracle that it renders at all in any browser.
    Sort those out and the chances are the page will behave how you want.

    # August 14, 2009 at 2:57 am

    Oops! Yes that was the odd one or two, I did say I was new at this.

    Anyway, all cleaned up and now with no errors!

    But the problem is still there :cry:

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    It’s working fine for me in Firefox now.

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