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    using jquery, i managed to setup an iphone-style navigation when i need to navigate backwards up a site hierarchy. ie – i am in an inner page, and need to get back to the upper level – the whole menu scrolls left. works seamlessly in FF.
    OK, i know that description leaves something to be desired…. but if you take a look at the JSfiddle below (on FF) – you’ll see what i mean.

    The problem is that;

      1) i have been forced to make the one UL item of a menu – have a negative top margin to match a set height as well, because i havent managed to get it floated.and the negative top margin needs
      to be hard coded (see the “back2Main” class). i would like to find a way to do it better.
      2) there are
      reports that on IE8 (though i have only seen it in IE7 or IE6) – that the 2 menus (current and upper) are overlayed over each other instead of side by side. i can supply a screen shot if needed.

    here is a demo of the setup in jsfiddle: (click on the “back” menu option to see the effect – it only works in the one direction, not going into an inner navigation section).

    thanks in advance!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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