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    The link is as follows

    [my link]( “my link”)

    Any suggestions? Alternatives? I’m okay with any method. I want the bullet to be positioned outside the list, but adjacent to the start of the line.

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    Haha just kidding,
    You can try applying list-style-position:outside; to your ul.

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    I’m not sure I understand your question, the bullet is technically “outside” of the list. You can place it inside by applying list-style-position:outside; to your ul.

    I’m a little confused now. I do not want the bullets inside (like in the second example). I want the bullets outside so that the start of the second line in a list item is at the same indent as the start of the first line.(and not right below the bullet). I want the page to look very much like example 1. Example1 looks perfect in all browsers except IE9 where the bullets at the beginning appear to the left of the image

    In other words, I want the first example replicated even on IE9

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    Thank you very much for the link, Whitworth. I am so relieved! I shall revert if there’s a complication. Seems fine for now.

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