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    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading through some of the reviews here and there’s been some good suggestions so I thought I’d post my almost-complete web design portfolio. Before you go crazy on me, please note that:

    1. I’m new at this, this portfolio does not contain many examples of my design work yet. Making this portfolio is kind of step 1 for my career as a freelancer.
    2. I plan on changing the table in the portfolio section to be a <ul> instead. I’ll probably do that this weekend.
    3. The blog isn’t done yet.
    4. The Sleepy Hero title will soon link to the "About" section.

    Please suggest anything that comes to mind.

    The site is at

    I look forward to hear what everyone thinks. Please don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings.


    I like it and it’s definitely a good step in the right direction. The only issue design-wise that I can see is that it’s a little too green. The links that are green on top of the green background aren’t very visible on my monitor.

    Also, just a question – I noticed your using solid color background images… why not just use the background-color: CSS property instead of a whole image?


    @cybershot: Making the content area bigger is a good idea. I think I’ll make it big enough to comfortably hold three portfolio images in each row.

    : I was actually thinking about changing the link colour. It is hard to read and it hurts the flow of the sentences. The only place where I’m actually using a solid colour background is in the content area. The background is actually a slight gradient. The content area was easiest to just use a solid colour-image and since it’s only a 2kb image, I think it would actually take up more room to use multiple images on either side of the content (since the borders are anti-aliased) and to have extra html/css to have the css background and images.

    I wonder if I made the gradient more obvious if it would make the site feel less overwhelmingly green. I will try that out this weekend.

    Thanks for the input you two. Does anyone else have any ideas/suggestions?


    Nice design. Agree with @cybershot. Try to make the content more important. It falls a little away in this nice design. Maybe a little header above the paragraphs would help?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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