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    Hi all. I haven’t the content done yet, just the basic design and look. BTW I know I might not be coding everything in the best way but please point out my mistakes! :)



    Got a link?


    Might come in handy ^^


    I have tested it on IE7 and havnt experienced those problems. But I think your looking at the wrong page. Because theres nothing about laptop on the new design.

    Heres the link again


    I have always been more keen to simple designs for the designers portfolio, your trying to attract attention to sites you’ve created for other people, while under a budget, time constraints, etc.

    As for the site, I am not to thrilled with the background either; however, i noticed you had some glow around your logo, i would put some on the bottom of your navigation as well to break up the edge of it a little. Finish it up and let me know then :P.


    Yeah I agree the hover images need some work…


    I think the navigation looks too 90’s. Also the content font is kind of annoying to read.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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