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    Hi all

    I’m new to this web stuff. If you have a spare moment, please check out my new web site. It’s very minimalist, I wanted the photography to stand out and not let any ‘design’ get in the way.

    It’s based on a theme from cargocollective, with some css and jQuery. It’s not yet complete, there are pages that need content and lots more photography needs adding, but the time is right for a critical eye before I continue.

    I really want to know if it works on your machine, and do you ‘get it’?

    Thanks in advance…


    I think it looks great. I feel like the padding on this image is a little off – better yet, why not use some proper html text in there?

    I don’t think I ‘get it’, if there is something to ‘get’.

    The pictures look pretty good, too – I like the mix.

    Since I have a large browser that doesn’t require a horizontal scroll, I would love to be able to use my mouse’s scroll wheel to navigate left/right through the site. I think there’s some jQuery for that?


    Very nice, I like it. Like @TheDoc said, it would a great feature to have the scroll wheel enabled. Also when you “isolate view” I think the image should be centered in the page then. Photos look great. No watermarks?


    Cheers guys

    I will definately look into the jQuery scroll thing. Doc, I’d love to use html, but the core html is not accessible (we spoke yesterday!!), this was just a quick/easy/lazy fix. Regarding the padding… if you’re talking about the ‘sd’ that’s a contemporary design feature ;-) By ‘get it’, I was hoping that it was obvious that some images are part of a series, and is it obvious that you can click thru them… I’m not sure.

    standuncan… nice idea, will look into that… not a fan of watermarks though.



    Yeah I would avoid the horizontal scrolling site, especially making one that loads more content as you scroll.

    The main reason is that it is hard to scroll, unless you make the mouse wheel work with horizontal scrolling (which is possible) and the second reason is because of the Opera width bug. The width of web pages is limited to 32766, and it still exists! – try this demo in Opera… if you go to past slide 35, all you’ll see is a blank window because the images have wrapped around to the next line.

    Edit: LMAO just as I finished this post, I accidentally closed Opera and reopened it. It updated to version 11.60 build 1185 and the slider started working past slide 35… FINALLY!


    cheers all

    I’m afraid I’m committed to the horizontal slider, and I know manual scrolling is not ideal. I’m a mac user (with no access to a pc), and everything scrolls perfectly with my mouse, if you have a link to the ‘jQuery pc scroll wheel enabler’, can you post it here. Cheers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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