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    I’ve heard of the idea of creating Apps with HTML 5. is this really possible just html5 ? or is it Javascript and other stuff as wells, and how good are these apps actually?

    Has anyone found any solid articles on this topic?

    I’m just curious to learn about them, maybe not how to do them yet, but just about them.

    thanks in advance.

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    As in Web Apps (Browser Based) or Native (Device Based)?

    There is: and

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    I doubt you’ll get far without JavaScript. Where did your hair go?

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    When people say “HTML5” they are very often referring to the HTML5 and HTML5 related JavaScript APIs.

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    hahaha ! @CrocoDillon thank you for your interest in my hair.

    and do you mean ordinary Javascript or jQuery too. (isn’t jQuery built off of JS?) holy h*ll I just want to start doing stuff and learning! I’m frustrated about not knowing enough to do anything with. I know that i have to be patient and LEARN the stuff! And I will!

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    I know that frustration. Anyway yes, jQuery is just a JS library to make things like selecting and manipulating DOM objects, animations, AJAX, events a lot easier and cross-browser. For HTML5 jQuery won’t help you much (maybe with selecting a canvas or using XHR requests).

    What kind of app do you have in mind?

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    I recommend backbone.js to you.
    This model needs javascript knowlege, though.

    If you learn backbone.js, you’ll be able to
    create such web application with only front
    end skills.

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    @CrocoDillon I don’t know i’m just interested in learning basics .I guess i’ll do more research on HTML 5 and learn more first. thanks for everything guys, like always. Keep On Keepin’ On! :)

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    @attilahhajzer Various platforms are coming out that support native application authored in traditional web technologies. For instance, Windows 8 introduced the ability to author Windows Store Apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is literally just like building a website, only easier (since these apps target a single browser).

    Firefox has their own OS as well, which you can author apps for in web-based languages. Chrome has extensions, which are practically applications. And the list keeps going on and on. If you want to get to the point where you can build apps for these environments, build a bunch of websites. You’ll use all the same skills.

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