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    Hey I just got an enquiry from a prospective client (who manufactures custom baseball bats) about a project and wanted to know how much people would charge for the following:

    “I want to come up with some innovative ideas to set us apart from other bat manufactures. However we do need the basics, main page, product pages, blog to have current events and articles from other baseball writers, about us, terms and conditions, shopping cart, a loyalty type program where after so much purchased there is a reward in the form of credit or free product, sign up/register – and why they should (special offers, discounts, newsletters, quick purchases, and any other ideas) facebook/twitter buttons/rss/ etc.

    Ability to process payments quickly and extra fast for phone orders or field orders when payment needs be captured quickly and then we can finish order information after sale.

    A real way to process sales in the field – at a ballpark for example.

    An administrator/Owner login and separate branch to the website:: Increased functionality for us as being able to easily do administrator tasks on site and edit user data online. Be able to easily track and edit inventory and specifications of inventory through administrator portion of website.

    Admin order screen with function of editing Credit cards , completing shipping information, shipping information with a confirmation email with invoice attachment – tracking – ability to revert the marked as shipped information before item is actually shipped for any reason ie, a change to shipping date altogether if product is found to not be in stock and needs to be produced. In the shipping and product area be able to set up weights, shipping rules, tax for different locations, shipping methods etc.

    Tools for tracking various user data/customer data/ anything to generate reports to help us compile useful business information,

    Create a smartphone platform, in which users can have functionality of website information and purchase product directly from such devices.

    Have a quick interface to the admin/owner portion of website.”

    I have a number in my head of how much I would charge for this but I just wanted to gather some other people’s opinions.

    Thanks in advance.


    @Johnnyb, I was hoping others would respond to this, because I’m curious about how much to charge for a project like this as well…may I ask what your ballpark estimate would be? I’m still pretty new, and setting a price point is really tricky for me sometimes (a project like this would be a bit beyond my skill level right now, anyway, but it’d be good data to have for the future).


    Chris Clark


    Unfortunately we all have very different costs of living. For example, a person living in London would need significantly more money to live than a person residing in Small-Town, Arkansas.

    Looking at the scope very quickly, I’d be looking at least $10k, probably more. I would never take on a project of that size on my own though – don’t have the time for it!


    $10k wouldn’t even come close and the Company I work for has a CMS that does most of those features already!

    Things such as taking payments in the field and reports generation can be incredibly difficult and time consuming and I would be looking at around 6 weeks work for somewhere between £10k-£15k


    Not just a contract. Make a specification detailing exactly what you will and will not do. And when I say ‘will no do’ basically put an Exceptions part saying anything not in this document is not part of the contract.

    Always be as detailed as you possibly can to cover your own back


    nice thread… very interesting.

    as for the subject – most of those features are already done for you and ready to use… google “X-Cart” ;-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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